House Music – POMATA – No More

Senssual Records presents POMATA: “No More” . POMATA, talented dj & producer from Alicante coast (Spain) presents his brand new music single “No More”. Great groove, solid bass line , cool guitars surrounding and epic energy from the vocals. Amazing mix and...

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Nu Disco – Juan Chousa – I Love Making It

Senssual Records presents Juan Chousa - “I Love Making it”. Juan Chousa talented DJ & producer born in Spain, presents his new single: "I Love Making it". Super cool bass line, great Nu Disco vibes, perfect instrument selection and great vocals. Amazing mix and...

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Tech House – Alex House

Senssual Records presents Alex Rush (RO) - “Drop Em”. The talented Rumanian dj & producer based in Ibiza presents his new tech house single: “Drop Em” . Solid bass line, great percussive groove, super cool vocals, amazing mix and arrangement by Alex Rush (RO)....

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House Music – Nick AG

Senssual Records presents Nick AG : New release in the Ibiza based imprint by the talented Canadian artist, Nick AG. “G Time” is the name of his new single: perfect house music vibe, great groove. Solid bass line, nice piano melodies and super cool vocals. Amazing mix...

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House Music – Nicola Nisi – The Bridge

Senssual Records presents Nicola Nisi : New release in the Ibiza based imprint, Senssual Records, from the talented Italian artist, Nicola Nisi. “The Bridge” is the name of the new single: great house music groove, solid bass-line, nice melodies and super cool vocals....

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House Music – Miami Music Week

Senssual Records delivers one more year an amazing selection of the best house music from Miami Music Week. A tribute to the event located in Miami during this time of the year, where the industry members share their love for electronic music. Senssual Miami 2024...

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House Music – Midnight Factory

House Music - Senssual Records presents Midnight Factory: “Get Down“. Midnight Factory, a team of 2 talented djs & producers based in Albania, presents his first release in the Ibiza based imprint Senssual Records, “Get Down“. Perfect groove, solid bass line,...

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Deep House – Lavaa & Zavala

Senssual Records present Lavaa & Zavala “Come Together“. Fresh new deep house single: solid bass line, great groove, nice melodies and epic vocals. Amazing mix and arrangement by Lavaa & Zavala . Great sounds from the talented artists, perfect deep house music...

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Tech House Music – Depth Phunk

Senssual Records presents Depth Phunk “ Back On Jack”. Depth Phunk talented dj & producer born in Budapest (Hungary), presents his new tech house single: “Back On Jack””. Great groove, solid bass line, cool synths and nice vocals. Amazing mix and arrangement by ...

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Latino House – Roberto Octava

Senssual Records present Roberto Octava, Erick Cz - “La salsaaa”. The mexican artists , delivers an amazing new Latin house single: “La salsaaa”. Great groove, latin percussions, solid bass line, nice melodies and epic vocal. Amazing mix and arrangement by Roberto...

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