Senssual ADE 2022 - Mixed by Coxswain

Senssual Amsterdam 2022. Senssual Records presents the exclusive music selection for one of the most important events in the Electronic Dance Music industry annual agenda (ADE Amsterdam)

With professionals travelling from all over the world and dance lovers meeting up in Amsterdam for an amazing event, Senssual Records presents an essential selection of tracks from our international artists: Aaron Noise, Adri Grajams, Benito, Bonetti, Cisco Barcelo, Corrado Alunni, Chillin Therapy, Coxswain, Disk Nation, Disco Ball’z, Giovi, Hiva, Italo Perez, Jean Barroka,  J.R. Mark, Latti JM, Massi Ronchi, Paco Caniza, Roberto Mocha, Swanky and Tiny Blue.  Including an exclusive DJ Mix from the label boss Coxswain, to complete one more year Senssual ADE package. Buy-link