Senssual Records proudly presents a new release, this time with the brand new formation Wise & Young. Wise & Young is a band straight out of the heart of Europe. And in that heart a furious beat sounds. Passionate rhythms, divine rhymes, couple with electro DJ beats to form a synchronicity of sound that connects with today’s world-wise youth. And this is what you will hear in the debut release “Awake”. The song sets you in a good mood and will make you forget all your sorrows. With this song Wise & Young is ready for their departure release on the Ibiza based record label. Don’t miss it, it’s a must in your playlist!

The discovery of new artists remains one of the key objectives of Senssual Records. Finding outstanding talent is our main focus, DJ/producers, musician or vocalists alike. Senssual Records is an Ibiza based Record Label known and appreciated for its quality dance/house music and annual compilations, whether it is funky house, tech house, pop house, future house or EDM.

You can buy Senssual Records releases on and in selected electronic music stores. If you are a dj/producer of house, funky house or future house music, please feel free to submit your productions to us through our website.

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