Jane Fox is an ibiza talented singer, songwriter and show performer, consolidating as an upcoming Diva of house music. Elegance and glamour become a personal signature on every show the artist performs.

Princess of House Music, Jane Fox was born on 1989, a mixture of Latin and Spanish roots bringing her the unique power and natural elegance to her wonderful voice. Her undeniable musical talent is creating not only one of the best voices in the world of electronic music, Jane Fox is consolidating as a complete performing artist, covering a wide range of music styles during her shows, moving from House to Soul, Jazz, R & B, Pop and Opera. Her live performances, not only delights us with her unique voice, always cheerful, smiling and glamorous, she also interacts with the audiences during the shows, creating a super cool vibe.

Her potential as an artist quickly opened the doors of the clubs and most glamorous restaurants in Ibiza like Space Ibiza, Privilege Ibiza, Blue Marlin Ibiza, Heart Ibiza, Bora Bora Ibiza, OD Hotels…

Currently, continues with all previous projects and numerous new projects with various record labels, including her home label Senssual Records in ibiza. www.janefox.es